Logic NOT Gate Tutorial

In this lecture, we are going to learn about the logic NOT Gate tutorial. In this, we will cover the NOT Gate symbol, NOT Gate truth table, a timing diagram of NOT Gate, NOT Gate IC 7404, and 7404 pin diagram in detail.

Logic NOT Gate

The most fundamental of all logical gates is the Logic NOT Gate, which is also known as an Inverting Buffer or an Inverter.

The NOT gate or Inverter Gate is a logic gate having one input (A) and one output (Y).

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When its input is low (logical 0), a NOT gate’s output is always high (logical 1). On the other hand, when the input is high (logical 1), a logical NOT gate always outputs low (logical 0).

NOT Gate Symbol

The logical symbol for a NOT Gate is shown below:

not gate symbol

If the input binary variable of a NOT gate is considered as A, then the output binary variable of the gate will be ȳ. The symbol of the NOT operation is the ( – ) bar.

If the value of A is 1. then ȳ = 0 and on the opposite if the value of A is 0 then ȳ = 1.

NOT Gate Truth Table

The truth table of a NOT gate can be represented as:

NOT Gate Truth Table

Important Points about NOT gate

  • The NOT gate is also known as an “Inverter” because its output is the inverted version or “Complement” of its input. This is shown in the truth table of NOT gate.
  • The bubble in the symbol represents the inversion of the signal.

Timing Diagram of NOT Gate

The Input to a gate may not be a DC voltage. In certain applications, it can be a train or rectangular pulses with high and low levels in the prescribed limits.

The below figure shows the timing diagram for the pulsed operation of the NOT Gate.

timing diagram of not gate

In the pulsed operation, pulses of finite duration are applied at the gate input. These waveforms show that for a “0” input, the gate produces a “1” output. Thus the inversion is observed.

IC 7404 NOT Gate

  • The NOT gate is available in the Monolithic integrated circuit form.
  • IC 7404 is a 14-pin TTL Integrated circuit with six inverted inside.
  • It is therefore called a ” hex inverter”.
  • Note that all the NOT gates in IC 7404 are completely independent of each other.

IC 7404 Datasheet : IC 7404 Datasheet

IC 7404 Pin Diagram

IC 7404 is a 14-pin TTL Integrated circuit with six inverted inside.

ic 7404 pin diagram


What is not a gate?

A NOT gate is a single input and output digital device or logic gate. It is known as an inverter since it gives an inversion of the applied input.

What is the NOT gate rule?

Recall that a NOT gate inverts its input, meaning that if the input is 1, the output will be 0. Further, if the input is 0, the output will be 1. In other words, the input value is not the output.

What are the advantages of NOT gate?

Very low noise margin (±200 mV). Highest power dissipation among all logic gates. Level shifters are required for interfacing with other logic families.

7404 ic name

The 7404 is also known as the Hex inverter.

What is a 7404 IC?

7404 is a Hex Inverter NOT gate IC. It consists of six inverters that perform logical invert action.

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