What is CMRR? | Common Mode Rejection Ratio

In this article, we will discuss what is CMRR. How does CMRR has affected the output voltage of Op-amp? We will also learn the...
Operational-Amplifier | op-amp

what is Op-amp? |Block diagram of op-amp |Ideal Characteristics of Operational Amplifier |Electrical Parameters...

In this article, we will study the basics of the op-amp, and then we will discuss the block diagram of the op-amp (operational amplifier)...

Power Amplifier | Types of Power Amplifier

Power Amplifiers To deliver a large power to a load, a specially designed amplifier called a "Power Amplifier" is used as a final stage as...

Classification of Amplifiers | Types of Amplifiers

In many applications, it is required to amplify the signals with minimum distortions. For that, we need to use amplifiers for the amplification of...

Miller’s Theorem | Miller’s theorem for capacitive Reactance

In this lecture, we are going to learn about miller's theorem. How miller's theorem can be applied to capacitive reactance? we will discuss all...

List Of Best Books For Analog Electronics For GATE, ESE PSUs

Dear Students, To learn about any subject, there should be a reference book from where you can learn the topics and gain knowledge about...

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