Top 100 EDC Interview Questions and Answers

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Que.76 What are the important specifications of BJT?


  • Maximum collector dissipation, PD.
  • High current gain β (hFE).
  • Collector cut-off current, ICEO.
  • Collector saturation voltage, VCE (sat).
  • Collector to emitter cut off voltage, VCEO.
  • It has a small-signal current gain, α (hfb).
  • Maximum collector current IC(max).
  • Maximum collector to emitter voltage, VCE (max).
  • Collector to emitter breakdown voltage, BVCBO.
  • Base emitter saturation voltage, VBE (sat).

Que.77 What are the important features of FET in comparison to BJT?


  • FET is a majority carrier device it has no minority careers, unlike BJT, hence it is a less noise noisy device.
  • There is no leakage current in FET, therefore, the temperature effect on the device is very less or we can say FET is having better thermal stability than BJT.
  • FET has zero offset voltage, so it can work as an excellent signal chopper because of the zero offset voltage.

Que.78 What do you know about MOSFET?

Answer: Metal oxide semiconductor field-effect transistor- 

  • it is also known as a voltage-controlled capacitor.
  • MOSFET is an integrated circuit that is fabricated by VLSI designing using planar technology.
  • In planar technology, the entire MOSFET is fabricated on the same plane.
  • In N channel MOSFET, the substrate is p-type 
  • In P- channel MOSFET, the substrate is n-type.
  • In depletion MOSFET, there is a pre-existing channel.
  • It is widely used as a switch in the digital circuit.

Que.79 How NMOS is better than PMOS?


  • NMOS is faster than PMOS.
  • NMOS has a higher package density , so it can store a large amount of information in this smaller area.
  • To get equal performance as NMOS, PMOS requires 2 times the area of NMOS.

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