Math Lessons: Why is Math Important in Real Life?

If your cheekbones cramp when you think about numbers, algebraic equations, or geometry, rest assured that mathematics is much more interesting than this.

The widespread use of the Internet gives us many new opportunities for studying with a tutor in mathematics in the most comfortable conditions.

There are many ways to study mathematics that intersect, complement, and enrich each other, which allows us to gain new information about the world through this science.

Whichever way you choose to study, it will help you master the basic skills. Play the 2048 game to enhance your mathematics skill. 

Table of Contents

Mathematics in the art world

Mathematics is a subject not only for those who discover academic talents but also for everyone who, for example, is fond of origami.

Imagine, designing a paper airplane is also a mathematical art!

Studying the work of artists such as Vasarely, Mondrian, and Kandinsky can be a starting point for aspiring mathematicians, as their masterpieces are based on mathematical concepts including geometry, symmetry, and parallelism.

Mathematics shows its true beauty through the art it inspires. As we can see, this science is much more than a rigid framework – it is a source of creativity.

Learning math through games

Math games like 2048 offers a new learning method for those who want to get kids excited about the subject. For example, they:

  • encourage curiosity
  • teach children to organize their thoughts
  • offer a different approach to complex math problems in a game format, such as math puzzles
  • encourage the use of trial and error on the way to a solution, that is, the child has the opportunity to change his tactics
  • give children time to figure out where they went wrong, which is not always possible in the classroom.

Math games are usually based on logic and deductive reasoning. For example, the easy 2048 games can be offered to children from an early age to introduce logic circuits.

By using math games to teach children about trial and error and how to overcome various obstacles, we set them up for success not only in their academic careers but later in life.

Mathematics in the real world

It is easy for adults to apply the skills of solving mathematical problems in everyday life. With a good knowledge of mathematics, we can understand statistics, understand the content of scientific articles, and learn something from the infographics we see in newspapers.

The widespread use of the Internet gives us many new opportunities for studying math with a tutor in mathematics in the most comfortable conditions.

As for children, their age-old question “Why is this?” speaks to their curiosity and therefore provides an opportunity to introduce them to the fascinating world of mathematics.

Mathematics in everyday life is used to:

  • Budget planning
  • Filing tax returns
  • Construction and creativity
  • Solutions to any problem using a range of variables
  • Calculating the cost of an hour of a lesson with a tutor in mathematics
  • Percentage calculations
  • Travel distance measurements
  • Definitions of value for money
  • Calculation of weekly, monthly, and annual income
  • Search for profitable offers
  • Definitions of interest on a loan when buying
  • Probability calculations in games
  • Proportion definitions
  • Negotiating with numbers

As we can see, mathematics is a part of every aspect of our life.

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