List Of Best Books For Digital Electronics For GATE, ESE PSUs


Dear Students, To learn about any subject, there should be a reference book from where you can learn the topics and gain knowledge about the subjects.

Here I am providing you the best books list for Digital Electronics Subject for your preparation.

If you are a college student or preparing for any competitive exam like GATE, ESE, PSUs, etc. The list of books that I am providing you will be helpful in your preparation.

There is no compulsion to use these books, but having one reference book with you is the best practice to gain knowledge.

List of Top Best Books for Digital Electronics.

Sr. NoName of BookLink to Purchase
1.Digital Design By Morris Mano
2.fundamentals of digital circuits by Anand Kumar
3.2000 Solved Problems in Digital Electronics

The Above 3 books are best which will be very beneficial for you to learn the subject.

You can purchase any book for your reference to start the subject.

Remember: Digital Electronics also is the most important and all competitive exam’s favorite subject among all other subjects. This subject Is very easy to understand and scoring subject.

If you need any help you can comment below or fill out the form which is available in the Contact Us section. I will surely replay and will help as much as I can. 

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