Introduction of Digital Electronics for GATE-ESE-2022

Hello Students, Here we are starting The Digital Electronics Subject and It’s Theory Knowledge. Before starting subject you should know the Introduction of Digital Electronics.

If we see from the Exam point of view this is the easiest and scoring subject among all the remaining subject which we are going to prepare in Electronics Engineering.

If you want to score well in the competitive exams like GATE, ESE or PSUs then your command in Digital Electronics has to be powerful.

We are going to learn each and every topic which is important in Digital Electronics Subject will be cover in this Theory series.

Before starting the subject, I would like to see you the complete syllabus which will be cover in this entire Theory series.


  1. Lecture-1 : Minimization of Logical Expression:

    • This topic is the most important topic. There can be 2 to 3 questions that will be asked as it’s all time favorite topic of every exam.
    • In this topic, we will learn two methods to minimize the logical expression
      1. Boolean Algebra
      2. K-Map
  2. Lecture-2: Logic Gates:

    • There will be some direct questions from Logic Gates but if you are very well in all the Logic Gates which we will cover in this series then you will understand whole Digital Electronics Subject very well.
    • So This topic is also important for understanding the purpose of the Digital Electronics Subject.
    • All Logic gates, Its Truth table, Boolean expression and Packaging IC
  3. Lecture-3: Number Systems:

    • This Topic is not that much important but sometimes one or two questions can be seen in ESE or PSUs exam.
  4. Lecture-4: Combinational Circuits: 

    • This Topic is the most likeable topic for any exams. Most of the questions come from this area only
    • This topic we will learn in very detailed manner and you will enjoy this topic while you read this topic
    • In this topic we will see some combinational circuits like
      1. Arithmetic Circuits like {Full Adder, Half Adder, Half Sub., Full Sub., Parallel Adder, etc.}
      2. Mux, De-Mux  (Most Important) 
      3. Encoder, Decoder
      4. Comparator, Multiplier etc..
    • Introduction to Combination Circuits
  5. Lecture-5 : Sequential Circuits:

    • This topic is very useful to get higher score in the any exams because this topic gives the maximum marks in exams.
    • Generally, students are trapped in this topic question, so if you have very good knowledge then you can get more marks than average student.
    • In this topic we will learn important circuits like:
      1. Flip-Flops
      2. Registers
      3. Counters(Most Important)
  6. Lecture-6: ADC & DAC :

  7. Lecture -7 : Logic Families :

  8. Lecture-8: Miscellaneous Topics:

This is the Syllabus for the Digital Electronics Subject.

In this Digital Electronics  Theory series I will be covering all the topics which i mention above, but still if you want to gain more knowledge about this subject than you can purchase reference boo link given below:

If You need any help regarding the Digital Electronics Subject then you can comment below tout doubt or also you can contact me via fill the form available in Contact Us Section.

Hello friends, my name is Trupal Bhavsar, I am the Writer and Founder of this blog. I am Electronics Engineer(2014 pass out), Currently working as Junior Telecom Officer(B.S.N.L.) also I do Project Development, PCB designing and Teaching of Electronics Subjects.

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