Semiconductor Physics MCQ

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Semiconductor Physics MCQ

Que.1 Which one of the following pairs of semiconductors and current carries is correctly matched?

  • (a) Intrinsic : Number of electrons = Number of holes
  • (b) p-type: Number of electrons > Number of holes
  • (c) n-type: Number of electrons < Number of holes
  • (d) Bulk: Neither electrons nor holes

Answer: (a) Intrinsic : Number of electrons = Number of holes

Que.2 For n-type semiconductors with n = ND and p = ni2/ND, the hole concentration will fall below the intrinsic value because of some of the holes…

  • (a) drop back to acceptor impurity states
  • (b) drop back to donor impurity states
  • (c) Virtually leaves the crystal
  • (d) recombine with electrons

Answer: (d) recombine with electrons

Que.3 Consider the following statements:

If an electric field is applied to an n-type semiconductor bar, the electrons and holes move in opposite directions due to their opposite charges. The net current is

1. due to both electrons and holes with electrons as majority carriers

2. the sum of electron and hole currents.

3. the difference between electron and hole current.

Which of these statements is/are correct?

  • (a) 1 alone
  • (b) 1 and 2
  • (c) 2 alone
  • (d) 3 alone

Answer: (b) 1 and 2

Que.4 When a semiconductor bar is heated at one end, a voltage across the bar is developed. If the heated end is positive, the semi-conductor is

  • (a) p-types
  • (b) n-type
  • (c) Intrinsic
  • (d) highly degenerate

Answer: (b) n-type

Que.5 In a degenerated semiconductor, the majority of carriers are controlled by

  • (a) Fermi-Dirac statistics
  • (b) Maxwell-Boltzmann statistics
  • (c) Bose-Einstein statistics
  • (d) Pauli’s exclusion principle

Answer: (a) Fermi-Dirac statistics

Que.6 Fermions are the particles, which obey

  • (a) Maxwell-Boltzmann’s statistics
  • (b) Bose-Einstein’s statistics
  • (c) Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle
  • (d) Pauli’s exclusion principle

Answer: (d) Pauli’s exclusion principle

Que.7 The conductivity of a semiconductor crystal due to any current carrier is NOT proportional to

  • (a) mobility of the carrier
  • (b) effective density of states in the conduction band
  • (c) electronic charge
  • (d) surface states in the semiconductor

Answer: (d) surface states in the semiconductor

Explanation: Conductivity of semiconductors,

\sigma =(n \mu_n + p \mu_p)e

Que.8 Excess carriers are generated in a sample of N-type semiconductors by shining light at one end. The current flow in the sample will be

  • (a) diffusion flow of carriers
  • (b) drift flow of carriers
  • (c) both diffusion and drift flow of carriers
  • (d) neither diffusion nor drift flows of carriers

Answer: (a) diffusion flow of carriers

Que.9 The Haynes-Shockley experiment enables one to determine the

  • (a) diffusion coefficient of majority carriers
  • (b) the effective mass of the minority carriers
  • (c) mobility of the minority carriers only
  • (d) a lifetime of the majority of carriers

Answer: (c) mobility of the minority carriers only

Que.10 In an extrinsic semiconductor, the Hall coefficient RH

  • (a) increases with an increase in temperature
  • (b) decreases with the increase in temperature
  • (c) is independent of the change in temperature
  • (d) changes with the change of magnetic field

Answer: (c) is independent of the change in temperature

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