Satellite Communication Interview Questions And Answers

Que.41 How do satellite communication systems handle handovers?

Answer: Satellite communication systems may use handovers to transfer a communication connection from one satellite to another as the user moves. This is typically done using an inter-satellite link, which allows the satellites to communicate with each other and transfer the connection. Handovers may also be used to transfer a connection from one satellite to a terrestrial network as the user moves out of the satellite’s coverage area.

Que.42 What are some emerging technologies in the field of satellite communication?

Answer: Some emerging technologies in the field of satellite communication include:

  • Low-earth orbit (LEO) satellites: LEO satellites orbit the earth at a lower altitude than traditional geostationary satellites, allowing for lower latency and higher data rates.
  • Non-geostationary satellite systems (NGSOs): NGSOs are satellite systems that do not remain stationary relative to the earth’s surface, allowing for greater coverage and flexibility.
  • High-throughput satellites (HTSs): HTSs are satellite systems that use advanced technologies to provide higher data rates and capacity compared to traditional satellites.
  • Inter-satellite links (ISLs): ISLs are communication links between satellites that allow for the transfer of data between satellites without the need for ground-based infrastructure.
  • On-demand satellite capacity: On-demand satellite capacity refers to the ability to dynamically allocate satellite capacity to meet the needs of users as they change.

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