8085 Program to find the square of numbers

In this program, we will write an 8085 Program to find the square of numbers in the 8085 microprocessor with a program flow chart and explanation of the program.

8085 Program to find the square of numbers

Program Statement

Write a program in the assembly language of 8085 to find the square of numbers from memory location D100H and store the result from location D200H.

Explanation of Program

  • To find the square of a number we need to multiply the number with itself.
  • Store the result.

Flow Chart of Program

8085 Program to find the square of numbers

Assembly Language Program

LXI D, D100HInitialize lookup table pointer
LXI D, D000HInitialize source memory pointer
LXI B, D200HInitialize destination memory pointer
BACK:LDAX DGet the number
MOV L, AA point to the square
MOV A, MGet the square
STAX Bstore the result at the destination memory location
INX DIncrement source memory pointer
INX BIncrement destination memory pointer
CPI 05HCheck the last number
JNZ BACKIf count ≠ 0, repeat
HLTEnd of program
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